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Hemp oil contains 114 cannabinoids that have been known to affect sleep, headaches, anxiety, pain, gastrointestinal health, neurological symptoms and mood.  

Hemp is used as a phytoremediator, meaning it is planted in soil containing toxic heavy metals and radioactive emissions to help remove them.  This is why, at A Healing Touch, we only sell very high quality organic hemp products.

You can purchase products directly from Jamilah's site and have them shipped to your home.  Click here.

If you sign up as a distributor, you receive a discount on products. Please reach out with questions. 


Jamilah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and not a doctor.  Please consult your physician to find out if hemp oil is right for you.  It has greatly helped her with pain and anxiety, which is why she is excited to share it with you.      

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