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Plexus products promote gut health.  Studies show that the health of our digestive system affects brain and immunity as well.  Jamilah uses Plexus Triplex Microbiome Activating Combo.   


Since starting with Plexus in July of 2018, Jamilah has had a dramatic reduction in stomach aches and acid reflux, improved mood and a more controlled blood sugar level. Her niece went from regularly occurring debilitating migraines to no headaches, less anxiety and a big improvement in mood over a 5 month period.


If you sign enroll as an Ambassador you receive a discount on products.  The products can stimulate detoxification symptoms so please reach out for support if this happens.  Jamilah is a Licensed Massage Therapist and not a physician.  Please check with your doctor to find out if Plexus is right for you.  

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