Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massages at A Healing Touch, including Medical, Sports, Ayurvedic, CBD, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Lymphatic, Chair, Relaxation and Therapeutic.


If you are tall, or would like multiple areas focused on in your session, then it is recommended you schedule 75-90 minutes with your therapist.   Some of the many benefits of  Massage include: 

  • Decreased anxiety.

  • Enhanced sleep quality.

  • Greater energy.

  • Improved concentration.

  • Increased circulation.

  • Reduced fatigue.

Massage sessions range from 15-120 minutes. The one hour price is $85. For further pricing or descriptions of these massage techniques, please click the Book Online button to be taken to our scheduling site.

We offer add-ons such as castor oil packs and aromatherapy.

Shelly offers organic scrubs such as the Warming Foot Scrub, a 30 minute service, and the Rejuvenating Body Polish, a one hour service.