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Tape can be a great addition to a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage session or a Signature Session with  Jamilah. Tape provides pain relief, offer support to the body's structure and promotes the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout affected tissues.  Jamilah and Elnora offer 15 minute taping session for $25. They learned these techniques through ROCKTAPE and use their tape exclusively. 

Common areas for tape application are the lower or upper back.  The tape can be left on for up to five days.  It is 97% cotton and will stay on as you shower.  After you remove the tape you may need to use rubbing alcohol or oil on your skin to fully remove the adhesive and prevent irritation.  

You can learn more about how taping can help you on their website.  We also sell their tape in our office for your self-care.

Shelly offers a specialized taping technique for clients recovering from Brazilian Butt Lifts. This 15 minute session is $50 due to the large amount of tape used. 

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