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Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy is a specialized technique focused on increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.  Janet Travell, personal physician to John F. Kennedy, postulated that up to 75% of common pain has a muscular component.  She produced ground-breaking work in trigger point therapy.  Trigger point work can be incorporated into a Signature Session with Jamilah or as a stand-alone service.

An active trigger point is a tight place in the belly of a muscle that refers pain, numbness or other sensations to another place in the body. For example, many headaches are caused by trigger points in the shoulders or neck.  Chronic low back pain could be coming from muscles as far away as the calves.  Indigestion or menstrual cramps could originate in tight abdominal muscles.

If trigger points are discovered, your LMT  will spend part of the session teaching you how to work on them at home. 

Trigger Point Massage


Jamilah studied trigger point therapy with Amber Davies in Louisville, KY.   We highly recommend you purchase her book, The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, for your healing journey.  

We sell Yoga Tune-Up balls at our office.  These come in 4 different sizes and were designed specifically for self-treatment.  You can easily use them to treat trigger points and myofascial restrictions that cause pain and dysfunction in your body. 

Please bring loose-fitting shorts to wear during your session.

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