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Wood Sculpting

What is WoodSculpting®?  WoodSculpting is a type of wood therapy that is a unique, holistic type of massage using wooden tools.  Each tool has a specific use on different parts of the body. The purpose of wood therapy is to eliminate or reduce fibrosis resulting from liposuction surgery, sculpt the body (non-invasively), leaving it more toned and smoothing out the appearance of stubborn cellulite.

This technique originated many years ago in Asia.  Columbia, more recently, integrated this method of massage into their beauty industry and then spread across South America.  After being introduced in the United States, it has become one of the newest trends.

WoodSculpting® provides many benefits beyond the physical appearance.  A full list of benefits includes:

  • Eliminate or reduce fibrosis

  • Breaks down cellulite

  • Tightens and tones the body

  • Contours the body

  • Activates the lymphatic system

  • Speeds up metabolism

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Re-locates volume

  • Relaxes muscles

  • Improves faster recovery

  • Stimulates relaxation

  • Smooths out bulges

  • Leaves skin smooth

WoodSculpting® is relaxing and non-invasive.  Minimum pressure is used with the tools.  It works with the lymphatic system which is not far underneath the skin’s surface.  The lymphatic system helps to remove viruses, toxins and bacteria from the body.  Wood therapy activates the lymphatic system assisting the body in filtering out the “garbage” and transporting it to the circulatory system so it can be removed from the body by its’ natural elimination system.

Multiple sessions will most likely be required depending on level of cellulite or severity of fibrosis as well as desired appearance and goal.  Some people may need 3 – 6 treatments and others may require more.  Package discount pricing is also available.

Please refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before your appointment. Disposable garments are provided for this treatment if you prefer not to bring your own.

If you are currently taking diuretics, have a fatal disease, are currently pregnant or have a hernia WoodSculpting® is not a good choice for you.  If you have had liposuction or another type of plastic surgery, please wait until at least 3 months before receiving WoodSculpting®.


WoodSculpting® Custom – 30 min., $100  

WoodSculpting® Custom – 60 min., $175 


Stomach + Sides & Love Handles – 40 min. $120  

BootySculpt + Back & Outer Thighs – 40 min. $120

Inner, Outer & Back of Thighs – 50 min. $140

Calves (Add-on Service) – 15 min. $60


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