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Release, Relax, Unwind

A Healing Touch  

Transformational Bodywork, LLC

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Bodywork, like the massage and specialized techniques we practice,  can help your body, mind and spirit to relax and unwind. The deep calm that can be achieved in a session with a skillful therapist can help you to find your center, while attaining  clarity and a fresh perspective on your life. 

The massage techniques we offer allow you the opportunity to love yourself more fully.  We offer personalized services that address pain and stress to help you create a more balanced, centered life.  This work creates space to re-integrate lost fragments of yourself that have been isolated through injury, trauma and self-judgment.  You can give yourself permission to open your heart to the feelings you have been hiding from and to release that which keeps you separate from the beautiful perfection that you are.

At A Healing Touch, we believe that through taking the time to heal ourselves, we can positively impact the entire world.  This belief forms the foundation of our healing practice.  When we receive regular bodywork and take the time to be still, we are more grounded and calm, better able to live a heart-centered life.  This allows us to impact others in a positive way and to live in greater appreciation of our beautiful world.  

It is our intention to hold space for you as you explore your healing journey.  We are here to be present and listen to you as you investigate your best ways to increased mobility and relaxation.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. 


Jamilah Jane Tuuk,  Owner, A Healing Touch Transformational Bodywork

Michigan Licensed Massage Therapist #7501004152

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Jamilah offers Trigger Point Massage to clients seeking to find the origin of their pain. In this session she explores the muscles who may be contributing to a particular pain pattern. Once the trouble makers have been identified, she will show you how you can continue the work at home.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle touch technique that assists the nervous system in working at its best. Clients remain clothed and recline on the massage table. This therapy can help to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and headaches. Jamilah works with both young people and adults. For clients with TMJ issues, she recommend multiple 90 minute sessions.

John F. Barnes MyoFascial Release is a similarly gentle technique that releases tension in the connective tissue.  Please bring loose fitting shorts to wear during your session.

Many cultures have an awareness of the unseen energy that flows throughout the universe.  Western Science calls this energy running through humans the biofield. We offer Reiki, Tuning Fork and Access Bars sessions to move stuck energy and open up greater potential in your life. For these treatments you recline, fully clothed, on the massage table. All sessions may include Reiki.   

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle technique that assists the lymphatic system in working more efficiently.  You choose between a full body treatment or a focus on the head, neck and face.  Healthy people benefit from quarterly treatments.  Those with lymphedema or facing surgery benefit most from a specialized treatment plan. 



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