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Cupping involves using suction to lift and release the tissues.  It is used by acupuncturists to treat constitutional imbalances . At A Healing Touch, we use it as another tool for pain relief or moving lymph. Clients generally find it feels good as the cups lift and separate the layers of tissue, allowing for better circulation.  If it is uncomfortable it is easy for us to adjust the amount of suction.

The cups are often applied

to the back or  other large muscles

but can be used on the face as well for sinus, jaw and headache relief.    

The cups may be left stationary

for up to fifteen minutes and this is what may cause the circular marks that are associated with cupping.  Or, the therapist may

apply massage oil and slide them over your skin.  This is what is done on the face so that no marks are made.  After the stationary cups are removed,  

your therapist will massage the area and,

with your consent, apply

essential oils or a topical analgesic to aid in

circulation and pain relief.

Cupping is offered as a $10 add-on to most sessions.

Cupping Therapy
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